It's been another good while since I have written in the journal. I read the last one I wrote and am very surprised at how long it's been. But, I am surprised every single time how much time has evolved. So here I am. Many changes since I last wrote. First, I quit my second job. It was killing me. Not only was there no time for a life, but also in stresses that I won't go into. So I dropped it and I focus only on the one, trying to move up in the company and live as well as possible with the pay I get there. Next, my husband who I have been separated from for 3 years passed away. Because he was sick and on disability I received some of that money from him for those years. Now that is gone. I won't be able to get anything from SS until I turn 62, which by the way is so close it makes me uncomfortable thinking about it. I am very surprised at how sad I am that the person who loved me the most on this earth is gone. Even though we were separated, we weren't divorced, and never intended to. But it was too difficult to live with his end time alcoholism. When I put all the years we had together however, there were a lot of bad days, but overall we had a good marriage, not to mention (though I am) three great kids whom I love very much came from this marriage. The good times are what come to my mind when I think of him now, and the fact that I was married to him for 27 years this past December 5th. are all contributing to my sadness. He loved me dearly to the end, and understood my not being able to handle his illness. Other than that my life moves on in my twilight years and I hope the best is to come, but I will take whatever the Lord has for me and look forward to being with Him forever.

Hi friends

Just back for a minute. I caught up on all of your lives, and commented on some... I have, as usual, been very, very busy. Not that it means a whole lot when you have loved ones needing to hear from you!! So, here I am writing in LiveJournal the latest happenings in my life. I have nothing....new that is. Still struggling with health, trying not to gain the weight I lost with my sugar fiasco. I have kept the sugar down pretty good. My eyes are giving me a little trouble. In and out of focus. Diabetes. I have been trying to walk either early in the morning, or late at night. It is beastly hot in Texas right now. Both jobs are going well, though I don't seem to be moving ahead of my daily needs. My main desire right now is God. I want to move into a closer relationship with Him. All other things pale in comparison, and life means nothing to me without God being the center focus. That is why the retreat (that Lindsey spoke of) was such a blessing to me (even though she didn't think much of it). And that is why this weekend with the Bishop's visit (we had a day long conference on the Covenant and the Family, was so wonderful, and we had church with another church in town that believes very close to how we believe, and that was a major blessing also. See...all things pertaining to God make me feel blessed. I'm just not interested in anything else!

Hi Everyone!!

Just thought I would catch up for those of you who love to nudge. I have been doing well lately...even though my best friend Edwina quit Express and moved on to a better paying job. Now I am alone most of the time, except when my boss is there--but I don't see her much either because she goes back to her office and gets on the internet. Mostly, I am running the business by myself. Maybe she will give me a good raise this year!! Also, I am helping a friend out opening a new Christian bookstore in town. This is very exciting to me. I will help her with as much time as I can pull out of my day (after working my regular job) and Saturdays. This will also be a good cushion for extra things I am always needing and never have the money for. My dieting is on a plateau right now. I have been weighing the same for about 3 weeks. I guess it is time to cut out something else...bah humbug! But my other good friend Connie is going to start us getting up at 5am and walking for an hour. That should jump start the weight loss! And also make me feel better for the days work.

Other news...Nathan is engaged. They came in this morning showing off engagement ring..plan to get married next Augustish.

What Do You Have To Say? - Small Business: Advice to Entrepreneurs

What advice would you give to people who are starting their own business?
Having owned a business, my advice would be to understand the financial side of the business. If I would have had financial/business savvy I would still own my business. The next important thing is customer/people care. If you don't treat people as if they were the most important thing on earth, you will fail.

(no subject)

I haven't gone over totally, but have felt the results of eating alkaline. My mouth taste sweet, I feel much better--still not totally energetic but getting there. Thinking of going on a 7-day fast, although if it makes me feel sluggish I don't know if I could. I have to work. It isn't a fast in the usual sense, it requires drinking greens mixed with a couple of other things--so wouldn't be totally void of nutrients. I'll update with a journal diary if I do.

Bought some Cell Food. I don't think it is alkaline, but it is supposed to detoxify your cells and give them nourishment. I have a slight headache tonight I think due to that process. Anytime toxins leave the body they float around for a time and give me headaches.

Harry Potter quietness

Yeah, it's quite. Everyone is reading this weekend. And, nobody is going on line so they won't see what is happening in the middle, or toward the end, or the ENDING! I'm going to go work in my garden, I don't have to put up with this!!! ;D

I am a lousy journaler...

It seems I get to this about once every couple of months! I don't have any excuses this time. I'm just lazy at writing lots of things. I did however get a bunch of cards written today to tell those I have been thinking of lately what I love about them. About 10 people! So I guess I come around sometimes and that is better than never, huh?

I miss Lindsey, but know she is having a wonderful time in NY! She has done more traveling in her 23 years than I have done in my 53, but then again, it's not my thing. I'm a home body and don't like traveling to new places.

I have started bringing my work home, could be another reason I haven't journaled. I have been with this company for over a year and there are still things I need to know. So the only time I have to study is on the weekends and at night. I am learning a lot reading through the manual though, so I guess that is good. I haven't read much this weekend and it is already Sunday night. Back to work tomorrow!!! Man time flies. I have to go guys. Have a great week! I'll try to do better from now on. (I always end on that statement don't I?)

Changes in the horizon

Well, with the closing of Lindsey's university years and her graduation only a month away, I am feeling a little sad for her. It has got to be a very sad thing to leave the place of many friends, exciting living with those of like mind, and just plain ole school spirit. I know she is looking forward to getting into life for awhile before she goes the graduate school route, but I also know that she will be sad. This has been a childhood dream that has come true and she has stuck to it until it is done. I am very proud of her.

I am also very proud of my youngest son, because he has done far more with his school than I thought he would. He has never asked for help (as usual). He also has this admirable dogging through things he doesn't particularly care for to get to an acknowledged accomplishment.

My oldest son will be one of those people where things fall into his lap. He is genius in areas and those areas will probably lead to something on a grand scale, but if not, he has the most self gratifying routine I have ever seen in a person. I'm not worried that he may not go somewhere with his life, because he lives his life the way he wants to live it. That is saying something for him. I also have the ability to be happy with very little--so I relate to him the most I think.

Anyway, just feeling a bit melancholy about my children turning another corner in their life, leaving behind wonderful times, but having great memories.
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9 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes! That was not a very good start on keeping up with my journal huh? Well, let's see...I work a lot....I planted an organic garden, which even though I have about one and half inches of mulch still seems to be overcome with grass (it was virgin ground with years of impacted grass however), and I bought this cool manual mower--none of you will EVER remember seeing one, much less using one, but it just has the blades, no motor, and you push it over the grass with your own strength, and whallah! it cuts grass! Good exercise, which I need any chance I can get. So it only takes about an hour to cut and trim my yard..it's not very big. But then I walk through the garden and pick out weeds and stuff that blows into my yard from the convenience store across the street (nasty people!). I've been planting flowers around my house also. I have some very nice rose bushes that have many beautiful roses on them right now. I love flowers. Especially growing ones.

Today, Saturday, I am washing my family's clothes, I have started on cleaning/organizing my bedroom which has been a pile of stuff for weeks-on-end, I am updating my journal, and this afternoon will weed my garden until I drop from exhaustion. Then I will have to go to the grocery store and get something for supper which I will fix for Lindsey-Lou and the boys, and tomorrow's church dinner.....I made myself totally tired just writing about this....ugh.

So I hope this suffices to prove that I have very little down time, and although I am carving out some of it today (while my bedroom waits patiently), I happen to have a computer free so I thought to steal a few minutes on it. Yeah, that is another most annoying reason. The boys are always on the computers when I can actually have a minute to write. Today, however, they are both working, and I'm not!! Yeah!!! Whoop! Whoop!

This does not mean that I don't love all of you bunches..cause I do. And this is the only way I can communicate with some of you. So bear with me when I go away for long periods of time because I'll be back. A few of you nudge me sometimes and that makes me remember so keep that up.

Well, off to read what you all have been doing ... for a few minutes, that is.

ok I'll update my journal

So I've been nudged again. I'm sorry. There have not been enough computers around at home to drive off two sons that have to be on 24/7, so I haven't journaled for that reason.

Everything in my life is good. I have no complaints. I have peace and joy and comfort--what more could I ask? Work is great--I love it. Friends and family are all great--I love them.

My new year's resolution is that I draw closer to God, devotion, Bible reading & prayer. That I lose 50 pounds this year, and that I get everything in my life organized--home and work. I will work on these three things each day until I've reached my goal. (I think I have this same resolution every year though.....)

So I've updated...now I think I'll go see what everybody else has been up to. Bye!!!